Friday, November 04, 2005

6 Month Quiz

Our daughter just returned from her six-month checkup. Since my wife is now back at work, it was a special day out for daddy and little girl. She's not as taken with trains as her older brother, which meant that much comforting was required to pull out a smile from her on the 4 train. Eventually, she did manage to light up the underground.

But to the details. Each time we head to the Upper East Side for a checkup, we place our bets and take our chances. We thought that you might like a chance to play along.

(1) Our daughter weighed 14 lb. 10 oz. in late September. Her weight on November 1, according to the nurse who can't get past referring to me as "Daddy," was:

        (a) 15 lb. 14 oz.
        (b) 16 lb.
        (c) 16 lb. 3 oz.
        (d) 17 lb.

The correct answer is (b), the guess submitted by our new nanny (who we love, by the way, regardless of the mildly disturbing things we've been hearing about the performance of our last one). She eked out a victory over my wife who guessed (a) and myself who guessed (c). I added (d) because multiple choice seems to need at least four options. If you're curious, her weight puts her solidly in the 50th percentile, where she has camped out pretty much from the beginning.

(2) She (our daughter, not our nanny), was measured at 26 inches in September. Her length at this last visit was:

        (a) 26 inches
        (b) 27 inches
        (c) 28 inches
        (d) 28 1/4 inches

If you guessed (c), you're right. Hard to believe, but she grew a full two inches in a month, pushing her right to the edge of the percentile chart. From what we can gather from squinting, she's either in the 99th or 100th percentile for height--though I'm fairly confident that she's not the longest six-month old in the world, past or present. Since she now sits up on her own quite well, perhaps we should now start talking about her height instead of her length.

Did I mention that she's sitting up quite well on her own?

Her grandfather thinks that she's at least in the 125th percentile for cuteness, and he was a rather stern state district judge for many years.

No objection from me (except that his number sounds a little low).

More later perhaps.