About us

Originally from a small Kansas town, I moved to New York (by way of Minneapolis) to earn my Ph.D. in philosophy and cognitive science. My unbridledly lovely wife and I met while on a special exchange semester in New York. (Tired, I wanted to crawl into the large bag she was carrying. Though she thought the request cute, she turned me down.)

Seventeen years and a boy and a girl later, we still reside in New York. She a powerful attorney, me a significantly less powerful academic at one of those snooty, elite, East Coast universities, where I teach philosophy and operate as a middle manager.

Both of our kids arrived early—The Boy two months and Q one month—and we were thrust into parenthood prematurely. Q and The Boy don't seem to mind, though, which makes pretty much everything easier.

Our extended families and some invaluable friends don’t live anywhere near us, and I keep this blog mainly for them. And writing about my kids helps me to make sense of them, of myself. Sense from senseless—the definition of philosophy.


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