Thursday, March 30, 2006

Absurd Conversation #7,439

Conversation between the boy and myself as shoes were going on everyone to head out to the Truck Playground this beautiful morning:

Boy: The shoe goes on my "foot" [pronounced like "food"]
Daddy: On your what?
Boy: J [our nanny] says "foot" [again like "food" and pointing this time for emphasis]
Daddy: She says it like that because she speaks Polish as her first language. We speak English. And Momma speaks Vietnamese, too.
Boy: I speak Firetruck!
Daddy: Firetruck? What do you say in Firetruck?
Boy: WooOOOOOoooo. WoooOOOOOoooo. [other siren sounds]
Daddy: What does that mean?
Boy: It means we’re going to the Truck Playground. [brief pause] I don’t know what it means.
Daddy: Okay. What language does Q [little sister] speak?
Boy: She doesn’t speak anything. She’s just a baby.

Can't argue with that.

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