Saturday, July 29, 2006

Where's Q (and how much does she weigh)?

We always knew that Q would be a star.

(Okay. Bad joke. But irresistible.)

Q went for her 15-month checkup this past week. As expected, she's a little on the thin side (at least as far as the standard graph goes). She came in at 20 1/4 lbs., gaining roughly two pounds in three months. That still has her, as my wife says, "rocking the 12th percentile." Height wise she's up to 30 inches or around the 50th percentile. The numbers don't in any way bother our doctor. After small starts, the 12th percentile sounds solid.

And there's no denying that she's healthy. The examination room couldn't hold her; she kept wanting to go for a walk up and down the hall, smiling at nurses (including the one who would eventually make her cry from two shots), peeking into other rooms at other kids. She's as irresistible as she is irrepressible. She's so much more confident than she was at her last visit just three months ago. How much more confident can this girl get?

That's our Big Stuff, as we like to call her.

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