Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

We wish we were closer to you, to touch you, to give you too much of too many things.

Luckily, love can be action at a distance. It respects neither time nor space; makes fun of absence, even when total. It permits us to see things that don't cast shadows.

To my Lovely Wife: I love you. It is that simple.

To Q & The Boy: [stretching up as high as I can] I love you this much.

P.S. If you'd like something wonderful to whisper in your ear today, I suggest devoting an hour or so--either before or after all the hugs and kisses but not in place of them--to the radio program This American Life. All their shows are available from their website for listening at your leisure. Though they do have a great Valentine's day show this year, I say go with their take on unconditional love from a while back. Or you could do worse than their show on babysitting--which is not exactly what you think. The last act in that show is one of the best things I've heard or read in quite some time. And they do this kind of thing every week. Simply amazing.

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