Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Well, it hurts, certainly, but stickers and lollipops are involved

With a birthday comes a doctor's visit. And since Q just turned two, she's still in the Getting Poked A Lot window. They even need to draw blood today to satisfy the State of New York that she's sufficiently healthy.

It doesn't go well. Q's doctor, whom we really like, can't find her vein in the crook of her right arm, even after much digging around with the butterfly needle. Needless to say, Q is apoplectic. We have to turn her around so the doctor can mine the other arm for what seems like forever, and eventually the blood does snake up into the vial. My wife and I try to calm her shudders and sobs by holding her where we can and asking whether she remembers the zebras and the elephants from the circus and Grandma & Grandpa's house and anything else we think might distract. She stills; her eyes steady. She remembers—just for a moment—those things, asking back whether we remember them. We do, glad she's pushed her mind beyond the spot where the needle stabs. We'll certainly remember this day for a while—as will she, no doubt.

But then two more needles, her vaccination and her TB test, and she ramps back up all the way to eleven. Can't blame her, really.

She gets stickers for her pain and three bandages that she can proudly show her brother later. And despite being so upset, as the doctor leaves, Q remembers to ask for a lollipop for The Boy as well as for herself—and actually gives it to him first thing when we get home. (He says, "Thank you, Q. You are so nice." I think he might actually mean it.)

So a checkup then. Here, at last, is the important stuff: according to the pink graph, she's riding her growth arc just fine, still just "rocking the 15th percentile" for weight and right on the 50th percentile for height. These numbers are not unexpected. Everyone agrees that Q couldn't be healthier.

Relevant Conversation from a Few Days Ago:
Q: Do you remember the zebras from the circus?
Me: Yes, I do.
Q: 'member the elephants?
Me: Yes, do you remember your birthday party?
Q: Yeah. 'member the cake?
Me: Yes.
Q: Remember everything, daddy?
If only, Q.

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