Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us

Eight years today. We celebrated after work with a criminally rich chocolate cake from a local patisserie, and champagne. (I'm sipping some now in between sentences, as a matter of fact.) And with our kids who are wonderfully ubiquitous.

The photograph of my beautiful wife above was taken before digital cameras were mainstream; I had to take a picture of the picture to put it up. For this reason and for a few others, it seems a long time ago, and then it doesn't.

Okay, enough writing for today. I want to get back to simply loving my wife.

Here's to eight years, and to many, many more.



Nadine said...

Happy anniversary! What a GORGEOUS dress your wife is wearing!

Anonymous said...

How quickly time goes. A new page in the book of life. Happy Anniversary to both of you.