Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Short #2

Today was the last day our nanny stayed with Q & The Boy before Christmas proper, and though she certainly didn't need to, she brought them each a bag of presents. She comes in, and the kids rush to her to see what she has. Before giving them the presents, though, she tells them a sweet, elaborate story of how she ran into Santa Claus today on the way to our house and how he asked if she knew Q and The Boy who had been such good children over the past year. Yes she did know them, she said. Since Santa had so many gifts to deliver in New York City, he asked her to bring these special bags to Q & The Boy a little early. Of course she would, she said.

After listening rather patiently and intently to the story, The Boy asks, "What did you get me?"

(For what it's worth, I believed the story.)

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