Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

It's the last few hours of that special day nestled right in the middle of February's cleavage, and I couldn't resist sharing the great gifts my wife and I received from the kids. The Boy has been almost telling us what we were getting for several days now — we genuinely didn't know — but Q has been a vault, refusing even to offer the slimmest hint one way or the other despite some clever prodding from my wife. As soon as we walked in tonight, they revealed the drawings and paintings they made for us (including a respectable Sponge Bob sporting a heart, courtesy of The Boy) and the matching mugs they picked out all on their own (with, admittedly, a little help from the babysitter). It was hard to stop hugging them.

One thing is obvious: We drink an awful lot of coffee.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. Love all around.


Nadine said...

Ahh, that is SO cute! I can't wait for Tim to start making/ drawing things. He's just starting to get to whole gifting giving thing.

Happy belated Valentine's!

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