Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Big Girl

Q officially turns 3 today. I'll no doubt have a little more to say after her official party this weekend. (Theme: music, including a stage where we're going to let the kids make their own music videos. My lovely wife: birthday genius.) For now, though, just a picture of our Big Girl.

To give you a little flavor of the person she's become, recently Q has said:

To mom:
Mom, go help The Boy with math. Don't disturb me. I'm trying to find something suitable for my bears to wear.
The Boy has recently gone back to calling my wife "momma" (pronounced MOMma), which she loves, by the way. To him, Q said:
What's up with the "momma"?
Junior high here we come.

Happy Birthday, Q. Welcome to 3.

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Nadine said...

Happy birthday! That photo is beautiful (as always!). Awesome party theme! Did she enjoy the party?