Thursday, September 04, 2008

Bee-lieve it!

Let me introduce you to the "Behavior Bee" from The Boy's kindergarten class:

Behavior Bee

He earned the privilege of bringing it home on his second day. He was so proud when my lovely wife picked him up today:

The Behavior Bee comes home

He's asleep with it at this very moment.*

I know, I know — I'm proud of the fact that he's conforming quickly and nicely.

My wife has a slightly different take:
Me: You're proud, aren't you.
Lovely wife: [smiling] You bet.
Me: They're just getting him to conform, you know.
LW: [still smiling] It's his first award. He's a winner.
Q wants one now, too. That behavior management stuff really works.
*We're also glad that he's getting it early because it will travel through a lot of homes and beds over the course of the year. It actually still smells good at the moment.

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teahouse said...

Hahahaha. I wondered about the cleanliness thing! As someone with really bad allergies, I can only be around hypoallergenic stuffed animals (I know, it's totally sad). Hopefully my children won't inherit my allergies, and will be able to have a Super Bee as well!