Saturday, May 01, 2010

America's — and The Boy's — game

All of a sudden, The Boy is into baseball. He walks around the house swinging at imaginary pitches, rises early on game days.

We've never been huge baseball fans in our house (despite my wife's attempts to anchor our appreciation of the sport). But however mysterious, it's fun to watch him love the game, especially before all the knowing comes in. He gets to have moments like this:

I may have slowed things down a bit and added a little soundtrack (thank you, Aaron Copeland), but it does feel just like this.

Even Q is slowly coming around, I think.


Nadine said...

LOL! It's amazing how children sometimes just are into things you haven't "inspired" :) Good luck with your sports hero!

teahouse said...

Totally adorable!

My Husband is hoping our kids are baseball fans as well. Of course, he tells me, they must be Mets fans. No Yankees fans allowed. Hahaha!