Monday, May 08, 2006

I don't normally do this, but...

First, let me say that I am in no way associated with any bib manufacturer. I'm just a parent of a messy, messy eater.

Like most new parents, when our boy made the move to solids we fitted him with the cloth bibs that we received as gifts from family and friends. We quickly learned that those that tie can fit better around the neck, but they can be pulled off rather easily. Velcro works well--easy on, easy off--but the sweet potatoes and the peas never really come out.

Then, a revelation. Good friends in our building use a plastic bib when feeding their daughter roughly Q's age. It's a red one with a bottom that turns up to make a little trough to catch what doesn't go (or stay) in. I'd made a loose mental note of it before, but when it came time for the grandparents to shower Q with first-birthday presents, my brilliant wife suggested similar, soft plastic bibs (among other things) for our little food tornado.

We noticed a difference right from the beginning. No more soggy piles of neckware at the end of the day. More important, Q could actually wear her outfit past a meal. And right away she liked the little trough--she still puts cereal and noodles and little bits of sliced pear in there herself to hoard for later.

Thanks again, Grandma & Grandpa. Great gift.

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