Saturday, May 13, 2006

Q's one-year checkup (finally)

After much wrangling, we finally manage to get Q in for her one-year visit to the pediatrician. She’s been officially one for some time now, already downing the whole milk and finding strawberries a revelation. (We now buy them in the two-pound box).

This is to say that we now know her current official stats. They are:
Height: 29“ (50th percentile)
Weight: 18 lb. 6 oz. (12th percentile)
The surprising one, of course, is the weight percentile. Q doesn’t look crazy thin, so we were caught a bit off guard. But since the boy didn’t even make it onto the charts at all for the first several months--and has yet to break through the 20th-percentile barrier--the number doesn’t begin to scare us. And after seeing her tour the room in full-on Q babble, her doctor wasn't worried either. She walks like a pro now and has for a while, which probably explains her svelte toddler figure.

The pediatrician looks her all the way over, and Q looks back hard. She gets two shots (one in each arm now that she's walking), and her head goes purple with crying. (Later, the boy will be jealous of her Band-Aids.) As I settle the co-pay, my wife calms Q with her new favorite toy, her little doll from Vietnam that we've named "Cup be" (pronounced COOP-bay), which is 'doll' in Vietnamese. It works. On the subway home, she devours nearly all of a cinnamon raison bagel and smiles at strangers. Thin and friendly and voracious and healthy--just like her brother.

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