Friday, March 07, 2008

Pronoun trouble

For fans of Chuck Jones, Jeff Greenfield has a nice post over at on the Bugs Bunny v. Daffy Duck dynamic. Once Chuck Jones got a hold of Daffy, he went from being, well, daffy, to an embittered foil and foe of clever and cool Bugs. Greenfield looks at the presidential race through these two characters, and doing so turns out to be actually entertaining and useful.

But the real genius is Jones himself. Here's an idea of what Greenfield is talking about, and it's one of my favorite cartoons ever. (I've even tried to think of ways to work it into a few academic talks I've given, so far without success.) I encourage you to put all the politics aside for about six minutes and just enjoy "Rabbit Seasoning."

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Douglas said...

I tried to work them into academics as well when studying Cultural Studies. I almost had a thesis for some work then discovered a paper written about Bugs and Daffy's exploitation of WWII propaganda, and acting as such themselves. Wonder if I could find THAT again somewhere ....