Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Mom is #1

Q and The Boy showered my wife with drawings and paintings and cards that they had been hiding in the closet for a week or so. (They had become professional secret keepers, refusing even to hint to her what she might be getting. The Boy went so far as to try to keep from mentioning that Sunday was Mother's Day up until Sunday itself.)

We spent the day together, outside for most of it. We did celebrate over lunch with some fabulous Belgian waffles at a local restaurant. But as The Boy put it:
The Boy: Do you know what the best Mother's Day present is?
Lovely wife: What?
The Boy: Me.
(Okay, so my wife did happen to tell him that herself first, but still.)

Hope that your day was as nice as ours. And we say for you what we say around here: Mom's the best.

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Nadine said...

Happy Mother's Day! That's an awesome photo. You're quite talented with the camera!