Thursday, May 01, 2008

Making music


Q turned three last week (she's an Earth-Day gal), but we properly celebrated her last Saturday. And by properly, I mean my wife orchestrated another magnificent party for around 15 kids and our good friends who are their parents.

The theme this year was music. (You can revisit my wonderful wife's wonderful past work on Q's 1st here and her 2nd here.) The kids strung beads and instrument pendants onto necklaces to take home, while 80's music played in the background. And we set up our camcorder, connected to an old TV, so that the kids could see themselves while they made music videos with drums and flutes and guitars and triangles (and other instruments). We couldn't seem to get the kids together enough to make a respectable video — apart from them all singing "Happy Birthday" to Q — but they all loved seeing themselves on TV in any event. The birthday cake my wife made to look like a drum was a fine centerpiece for the party. She also made individual drum cupcakes for whomever, and we scooped chocolate and vanilla ice cream into cones for those interested. Some, like Q, put away a slice of cake, a cupcake, and a cone. Why not? It was a special day. On their way out, the kids took home the requisite goody bag filled with an activity book, a flute, and a CD containing some of Q's favorite music. (I recommend the CD as a party gift, by the way; it was fun to make and seemed to be widely appreciated over the usual, plasticky toys that parents get pushed into including.)

It was a special day, and it showed on her. We tend to regard Q as being much older than she is, mainly because she's been casually rattling off full sentences for some time now, and it was good to see her be, simply, 3 and crack up so completely about something silly that she couldn't speak at all. We did manage to get some of that on video, which is fitting — her laugh makes for the sweetest music.

Thanks to all those who helped us appreciate another amazing year with and for Q. Thanks also to The Boy, who demonstrated how to properly handle witnessing his sister get loads of attention and new stuff.

Happy Birthday, Big Stuff. We love you fiercely.

(And, like I said last year, you better appreciate your mother.)

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Nadine said...

That sounds like an AWESOME party! I love the music cd giveaway. And letting the kids watch themselves on TV, that is the coolest thing ever. Your wife truly sounds like a wonderful loving mom.