Friday, June 06, 2008

The Big 5

The Boy turns 5 today. The gifts have been trickling in from all over, from family, friends, and his babysitter. And though his party won't be for another week, we gave him the present from us, too. Since he's such a big kid now, we hooked him up with a skateboard (with skulls on the bottom, of course), a new fire-red helmet, and pads for his knees and elbows. He's been asking for a skateboard for awhile now, so after pulling it out of the bag and holding it like a freshly caught fish for only a moment, we went right out to the park paths to try it out.

This photo just hints at him; he's big and full and funny. And five.

Happy birthday, son. Mom and I are proud of you and love you. Welcome to the last year you can count on one hand.

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Nadine said...

Happy birthday!! And what a great helmet!