Monday, June 09, 2008

The City at play

The New York Times recently published a feature story on the city's best playgrounds (best according to the Times anyway). Our own Teardrop Park made the list, which, though it certainly should be on the list, is somewhat unfortunate because now the secret is certainly out.

In any event, for those who have a hard time imagining what kids in NYC actually do (besides slinging their pants low and spraying graffiti all over), I suggest having a look at the Times's slide show of some great spots to let Q and The Boy loose. We've been to the first on their list, what they call the Jane Street Playground and what we call the Water Playground, and the second is where we unwind every night.

Not a bad place to spend your early years, all in all.

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Nadine said...

Oh, how I miss Manhattan!

I think I have spend more hours on playgrounds as an adult, than I did as a child. Monkey - like any other child - LOVES playgrounds. We have 4 within walking distance.