Thursday, July 31, 2008

Project: Chalk Robots Seen From Space (or suitably high up)

Giant Park Robots Best Seen From Above

What you'll need:
  1. Box of sidewalk chalk (with plenty of both blue and pink for, um, making boy and girl robots).
  2. Lots of sidewalk/cement, the curvier the better.
  3. Bored and/or gullible children.
  4. Roofdeck.*
*Roofdeck is optional, but it's way cool to look down from way up.

Begin by getting the kids outside in the park; tell them you're going to do something really cool.  Bring fancy drinks like pink lemonade if need be.  Don't forget the camera.  You want to draw something large (and easy), so we suggest robots.  You don't have to be that old (or young) to draw big squares, triangles, circles, and whatnot.

daddy robot

What goes with Giant Robots?  A rocket, of course (which are, conveniently, also pretty easy to draw).


Think big.  That's the idea, after all.

When you're done (or at least until the pink lemonade has been exhausted), head up to the roofdeck for the payoff.

from space

I love how it looks like the blue (boy) robot is tossing the pinkish (girl) robot in the air, and we didn't intend that.

Next up?  Robots playing tennis.  And swimming.  Probably.


Anonymous said...

Oh ok you went to the roof deck...I thought you had special powers and flew!

teahouse said...

Hahahaha..that's awesome! So artistic. It's like the urban equivalent of crop circles.

Unknown said...

What Teahouse said!

Awesome project. I can't wait to see your next piece of art :)

Nadine said...

If you're confused: that last comment is mine. For some reason blogger choose the Gmail account I use for storing photos I post on my blog :)