Tuesday, July 29, 2008

There is something about California, admittedly

Okay, so Q is on to something with the liking California.  Consider the following:


On the left we see what NYC more or less looks like in July (with about 80-90% humidity, of course).  On the right:  nothing but a week of pure pleasantness in San Diego.  And the thing is, every week there looks just like this.

There's more.  My lovely wife's sister and her husband live about 10 driving minutes away from a beautiful beach that includes a playground high up on what amounts to a scenic overlook.  From the swings, Q and The Boy could watch surfers climb and then disappear into the waves.

Even more:  My lovely wife's sister and her husband live in a townhouse complex that also includes extremely nice tennis courts and a salt-water pool.  The Boy spent a lot of time hitting balls over the net and practicing on his follow through, and Q was in the water more than she was out.  And to top it all off, they lived just up the hill from where hot air balloons were launched, which meant that we could walk out the door in San Diego to find perhaps ten balloons hanging silently in the air like a flock of exotic creatures.  It made the whole world seem enchanted.

I can understand what makes southern California so attractive to so many people (and why everyone tends to move more slowly than out here).

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teahouse said...

I agree with you that the weather is much better in CA. But I don't think I could live there - too scared of earthquakes. And too much smog!