Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Cutting a wood floor

Today my lovely wife and I celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. That's us up there polishing the floor on 14th Street in Manhattan to Nina Simone singing "My Baby Just Cares for Me." Over champagne tonight we remembered what's past and wondered about what's to come. We both agreed that it doesn't seem as if we've run through that much time (perhaps because we've actually been together for nearly 17 years now), which bodes well for the long term I'd say.

Put on a dark suit; fashion a proper knot in your tie. Drink deeply from your champagne, then rest the flute by the plate. Take a hand and step out into the music together. Twirl so that your dress floats just off the floor — the earth can't keep you. Think of nothing but this.

Happy anniversary to us. They're playing our song:

Dance with us, wish with us, love with us.


Nadine said...

The perfect song, for a perfect pair.

Happy anniversary RM & spouse ;)

teahouse said...

How wonderful! Happy anniversary to both of you!