Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Heartland meat blogging

We're still away on our Kansas trip, but my parents happen to have wifi, so I might as well put up a quick post.  Besides, I think I was asked perhaps the greatest question ever.  My father managed to set up an evening for my brother and his wife, the grandparents, and my lovely wife and me.  (An evening without the 8 grandkids, in other words.)  We went out to dinner at a Brazilian churrascaria here in Kansas City where, as is the custom, passadors (or meat waiters) keep accosting you with cooked animals on sticks until you tell them to stop.  And after way too much delicious sausage, flank steak, filet, lamb, and various other meats wrapped in meats, the attentive waiter asked:
Would you like a fresh plate for your meats?
I had to say "No."  Sadly, I had simply had enough meats.

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teahouse said...

I say you should have accepted the offer!

Yes, I never pass up the opportunity to get a fresh plate for my meats. It always leads to regret.