Friday, August 08, 2008

What have I become (and is it really that bad)?

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So this new, huge, Whole Foods market opened less than a month ago just across the West Side Highway from us. For years we've had to walk a fairly long ways either to get gouged by Food Emporium (whose name itself is a cruel joke) or to browse the low-quality groceries at a Gristede's while tolerating some strange smell. We therefore usually fill our fridge via an on-line store called Fresh Direct, but it's impossible not to forget to order something when you're not actually in the store while shopping. Now, we've got a five-minute walk to the Organic Glory that is Whole Foods.

The Whole Foods is clustered in a new high-rise condo building (luxury, of course) along with a Bed, Bath & Beyond, a Barnes & Noble, and a Bank of America, all brand new.  And Whole Foods also has this hippie, hipster cache that puts me off a bit.  Not long ago I stopped in on my way home from work to pick up bananas, and found myself on-line to check out with fancy red bananas, listening to This American Life.  On my iPhone.  Sheesh.

I thought I was too old and too urban to be a suburban and/or hipster cliché.  Guess not.

(Note:  the banans were rather tasty and the TAL episode was a good listen.  So there.  I guess.)


teahouse said...

Wow, I didn't realize they were building another one! I occasionally go to the one in Columbus Circle, but I usually can't be bothered. Fairway is my place of choice!

Nadine said...

That looks like a beautiful store! We do most of our shopping at organic stores. I really like the taste of fresh organic foods. Red bananas? Never heard of that!